Choosing pest prevention services can be daunting. Having confidence in your pest management provider to help you stay pest free, while maintaining compliance with your regulatory, third party and customer demands is likely invaluable to you.

Working in the commercial and industrial pest control field for 22 years prior to opening this company, I had identified critical gaps in the pest control industry, assessed the potential for a focused, cost effective and higher performance set of services. The result; Food and Drug and the Bug was launched April, 2013 as a pest prevention and food safety service company, exclusively serving Industrial Food and Medicine clients.

Our narrow industry focus allows us to dedicate all of our energy in learning, growing and improving what we do to help you protect your products and brand. We have carefully chosen the best data platform we could find to help you better understand your facility and how to better prevent pests.

Our customersreport good news about our assistance with physical and cultural improvements in their operations. These positive changes prevent pests from infiltrating rather than reactionary measures.  

We hope you would reach out to us to discuss your pest prevention goals for the future.

Thank you for visiting our site and as always.....


Chris Del Rossi,

Founder & Managing Director